Why Heritage Pools

Designing and constructing fully tiled pool projects of uncompromising quality

In combination with the structural integrity of steel reinforced concrete structure, a fully tiled pool provides the ultimate medium for your pool surface. With the use of modern adhesives, epoxy grouts and water proof membranes the pool surface is 100% waterproof. Tiles provide a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. With the use of porcelain and glass tiles in any size or format you can create unique colours, textures and features unsurpassed by any other pool surface.

Our experience and reputation

For 35 years Heritage Pools based in Cambridge, have specialised in the design and construction of distinctive Pool and Landscape projects. Our pools are handcrafted from steel reinforced concrete with the timeless interior surface of Porcelain or Glass tiles.

Over this time Heritage Pools are proud to of earned an enviable reputation within the Pool and Landscape Industry. This reputation extends to our Clients, designing and constructing pool projects of uncompromising quality.

For 30 years Heritage Pools has been a full member of the NZ Landscape Association. This provides our Clients with the assurance they are working with a company who has been independently certified in the fields of Landscape Design and Construction.

Working with our design and engineering team, Heritage Pools provides a comprehensive Pool and Landscape Design tailored to our clients property and personal lifestyle requirements.

Whether you are looking for a formal or a natural pool, Heritage Pools can deliver a distinctive Pool and Landscape environment of enduring quality for you and your family. Contact Dave today.