Swimming Pool & Landscape Design Guide

Knowledge is power when you're considering building a swimming pool. That's why we offer a free comprehensive Swimming Pool Design & Landscaping guide.

What's in Our Swimming Pool Design & Landscaping Guide?

Our eBook is written explicitly for homeowners considering installing a custom built concrete swimming pool or spa, as well as those requiring garden or pool landscaping services. Our Swimming Pool Design & Landscaping guide contains information about:

Planning for a New Pool

  • How to choose the best pool site
  • Water table identification
  • Resource management 
  • Fencing requirements
  • The positioning of new and existing stormwater, sewer and power systems

Landscape Design & Construction of a New Pool

  • What a landscape designer can provide
  • Benefits of using a landscape designer

Building Permit

  • Building permit requirements
  • Engineering drawings
  • Cost identification


  • Need for a written contract
  • Warranties
  • PC sum payment

Three Main Construction Methods

  • Sprayed Concrete Steel Reinforced
  • Pre-moulded Fibreglass
  • Fibreglass constructed onsite

Underfloor Drainage

  •  Drains and pumps

Plumbing & Filtration

  • Plumbing and pipe documentation
  • Water filtration

Sanitising the Pool

  • Choosing the right types of Chlorination system


  • Are in-pool lights necessary?

Pool Copings

  • Choosing the right pool coping

Pool Surrounds

  • Selecting the best surround option

Heating & Covers

  • Types of pool heating
  • Types of pool covers

Final Swimming Pool Design & Construction Checklist

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